Vertical Vision

10 February 2003
The most acclaimed acoustic and electric bassist to emerge from the jazz world in the ‘90s – named Hot Jazz Artist in Rolling Stone magazine’s annual ‘Hot’ issue – Christian McBride boasts stellar jazz credibility plus the diversity and acclaim of being in pop star Sting’s band.  His recording and performance résumé also features intriguing cross-genre collaborations with DJ Logic and Root (The Philadelphia Experiment).  The Christian McBride Band’s first album for Warner Jazz, Vertical Vision, is melting pot music that doesn’t sound like a fusion record. The great thing about the current jazz scene is that time has removed enough fusion-prejudice to allow its diverse heritage to seep into this generation’s music without category. Christian McBride has joined the ranks of the chosen few – a bandleader that has shaped a music altogether fresh while managing to reflect all that came before it.