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Thul’ Ubheke

Soul Brothers

24 May 2010
Thirty years as the leaders of the Mbaqanga world, the Soul Brothers continue to release records annually to an insatiable market in their native South Africa. Having been ambassadors for their country on many occasions across the globe, they have never lost their appeal back home and for the past 12 years straight have won the SAMA Award for the ‘Best Mbaqanga’ Album. Although three of the original members have passed away, the two main members of the Soul Brothers, David Masondo and Moses Ngwenya still remain at the front of this powerful musical force.The Soul Brothers latest release Thul’ubheke shows maturity and depth often characterised individuals who are comfortable with each other and their genre.
Mbaqanga music varies from mid-tempo to full melodic sounds punctuated with a lot of rhythm and soul. The combination of Masondo’s quavering soprano voice and Ngwenya’s percussive keyboard playing give the Soul Brothers a unique and instantly recognisable sound. As usual the group’s lyrics are loaded with constructive advice aimed at repairing the damaged fibre of society. Thul’ubheke the title track assures the followers of the group that they are still the best and they are back with a bang, or the song Umuhle, which appreciates the African beauty of a certain lady.
1. Thul’ Ubheke
2. Umuhle
3. Intomb’ Enjani
4. Iyobambana
5. Ishay’ Izule
6. Ngimtholile
7. Mzala
8. Ngizwile
9. Ngiyabalisa
10. Udliwe Zintaba


Thul’ Ubheke

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