The Third Man: Orson Welles & La Musique


22 October 2012

A Collection of music taken from Orson Welles’ best known films.

Orson Welles had several ways to excel in the cinema worldwide at his time. As a director, a screenwriter, an actor or a producer, he is considered as the ultimate figure of American cinema of the 40s. His first long-playing picture, Citizen Kane, is regarded as the best film in American cinema history.

This album gathers music pieces from his most notable films: The Third Man (1949) by Anton Karas; Citizen Kane (1941), The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) and Jane Eyre (1943) by Bernard Hermann; The Lady From Shanghai (1947); Macbeth (1948); Mr Arkadin/Confidential Report (1955) and Touch of Evil (1958) by Henry Mancini.