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The Shape Of Jazz To Come - 180gr Vinyl reissue

Ornette Coleman

25 October 2010

Rhino's new 180gr 50th Anniversary edition of an all-time Atlantic Records classic! Ornette Coleman is probably the most influential avant-garde musician in the world. A leading force in jazz, Coleman's emotive alto saxophone style relies on melodic improvisation unfettered by chord changes. This style (and philosophy) was dubbed by Ornette "harmolodics" and reached its peak in a small combo whose virtuoso playing had the power of the blues and the multi-rhythmic sophistication of Monk, Mingus, or Coltrane. The Shape Of Jazz To Come is Ornette Coleman's debut on Atlantic, and his first recording with his revolutionary quartet: Don Cherry, Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins. And it still defines the shape of jazz to come. TRACKLISTING: SIDE A: 1. Lonely Woman 2. Eventually 3. Peace SIDE B: 1. Focus On Sanity 2. Congeniality 3. Chronology