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The Leopard Lounge Presents... All Nite Long

04 September 2006

Welcome back, hipsters and moochers, to the Leopard Lounge, where the lights are low, the broads smoke cigarillos and the barman is always discreet.

We have gathered a plethora of finger-snappin', hip-shakin' vocals performed by some of the suavest cats and kittens in jazzville, for the perfect nightcap, guaranteed to cool you down and raise your spirits.  Slices of suave by superstars (Mel Torme, Bobby Darin), subterranean sirens (Chris Connor, Ann Richards) and jazz divas (Carmen McRae, Ella Fitzgerald).  Here are some of the swinginest vintage vocals by the kings and queens of cool.

Wild and swingin', cool and crazy, these vintage masterpieces set the scene for the night.  So guys and dolls, fix yourselves your drink of choice, and let the music work its magic.