Laurent De Wilde

24 March 2003

Pianist/keyboardist Laurent De Wilde unveils his latest project.  Swimming with the currents of technology, ‘Stories’, like his Warner predecessor ‘Time 4 Change’, combines familiar sounds with electronic symbolism.  With collaborations by French electro/drum & bass programmers Akimov and DJ Ben, and most significantly the acclaimed Smadj, who co-wrote and composed almost half of the album.

For this new venture, the pianist has around his Fender the cream of the French jazz scene: Jules Bikoko and Remi Vignolo on acoustic bass, Stephane Huchard, Julien Charlet and Laurent Robin on drums, Flavio Boltro on trumpet, Gael Horellou on saxophones, Julien Chirol on trombone, as well as the inspired flute-playing of Cuban labelmate Orlando Maraca Valle and the incredible voice of East African singer Malia.