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"Ragtime Piano Roll" 90th Anniversary Edition

Scott Joplin

16 July 2007

On the occasion of Scott Joplin’s 90th Anniversary, Milan Music releases his exclusive recordings of his own work. To communicate, over the time, the emotion of Scott Joplin playing, Milan has used a master band created from the original mechanic piano rolls, digitalised and remastered.

“Scott Joplin (d. 1917) was never recorded. Is it possible to listen to his music today? Can we have it played by a pianist, based on Joplin’s written work? There are other ways. Scott Joplin produced a great number of perforated rolls that can be played on a mechanical piano, from which the sound can be recorded. So far, this has been the most frequent way of listening to his compositions. But now, thanks to technology, we can access his work without the imperfections of a mechanical piano. The method consists of using a music publishing program that provides the necessary information to reproduce the instructions on the score manuscript. The created music sequences can be reproduced by an adapted music instrument like MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), or can be digitized and published on a CD like this one.”

Jean-Claude Vartanian