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Postonove 3

Favela Chic

19 January 2004

Brazilian-influenced collective Favela Chic’s parties have become legendary in Paris.  They have, over the last few years, hosted performances in their restaurant by some of the biggest names in the Brazilian music scene, from Seu Jorge, DJ Dolores et Orchestra Santa Massa, to BossaCucaNova (with Roberto Menescal), and Elsa Soares.  They also take their unique concept outside their venue, organising parties and cultural events, using a whole team of performers: DJs, percussionists, dancers and more…  The third instalment of the Postonove series (volume 1 & 2 were released by BMV/Vogue), compiled by Gringo da Parada (Resident DJ of Favela) offers a colourful kaleidoscope of Brazilian music.  Postonove 3 includes the new sound of the Recife and Nordeste (Brazilian North East) regions, introducing DJ DOLORES & ORCHESTRA MASSA and CABRUEIRA, as well as ‘70s samba grooves by the likes of ERLON CHAVES, WILSON SIMONAL, RAULZINHO, SANDRA SA, EMILIO SANTIAGO and DIAGONAIS, and the new Hip Hop Samba of Brazil (MARCELO D2, RAPPIN’HOOD).  SEU JORGE from Rio, the son of JORGE BEN and BEZZERA DA SILVA, number one DJ of RIO’s ‘Baile Funk’ DJ DENIS, and 60’s muse EVINHA complete this eclectic and festive tracklisting.

Also available on vinyl:

SIDE A1. SEU JORGE – Tive Razao2. EMILIO SANTIAGO –  Bananeira3. RAULZINHO – Vida 4. OS DIAGONAIS – Nao Vou Chorar5. MARCELO D2 – A Procura Da Batida Perfeita

SIDE B1. DJ DENIS – Sao Jao Vila Rosali2. FERNANDINHO BEAT BOX – Beatboxsamba3. GINGER ALE vs Z’AFRICA BRAZIL - Hip Hop Nao Para4. DJ DOLORES E ORCHESTRA SANTA MASSA – A Danca Da Moda5. CABRUERO – Forro Esferografico6. BOTOCOELECTRO – Bainas