Orchestre De Tango

Fleurs Noires

04 February 2008

Fleurs Noires is an all-female,10-piece orchestra, all of them from Argentina or France.  Together, they deliver a vigorous and contemporary tango that differentiates itself from traditional or electro tango.

From classical and pop backgrounds, they are able to combine their cultural backgrounds and their respective repertoire’s originality.

The album is based on a series of original compositions, especially written for them by famous songwriters like Eduardo Acuna, Victor Parma, Gerardo Jerez Le Cam and Andrea Marsili.

What the French press say:

“First note, first surprise.”“The repertoire is synonymous to eternity flirting with modernity.”

Fleurs Noires won the prestigious Gus Viseur Prize for the year 2007.  This prize rewards the musicianship of the group, especially the accordionist.  "Gustave – Joseph Viseur” is an accordionist / bagpipe player born in Belgium in 1915, who passed away in Paris in 1974.