Ojos De Brujo: Aocaná

Ojos de Brujo

27 April 2009

The Barcelona hip-hop flamenkillo collective return with a brilliant new album. Intense and uncompromising as the name suggests, Ojos de Brujo (Eyes of the Wizard) perform a non-stop, high-octane brew of flamenco fusion full of humour, mystery and energy. The band's sound is pure, raw emotion, communicative and generous. On stage, in their incomparable live shows, they show the full extent of their inspiration and range, where their sonic flow combines with video art, DJ wizardry, live painting performances, and above all, the heart-stopping flamenco dancing which is part of the past and present of every member in the band. SEE A VIDEO CLIP HERE TRACKLISTING: DIGIPACK + DOUBLE DIGIPACK 1. TODOS MORTALES 2. NUEVA VIDA 3. DONDE TE HAS METIDO 4. CORREVEIDILE 5. RUMBA DEL ADIOS 6. UNA VERDAD INCOMODA 7. BARKA 8. TOCALE YA 9. BUSCA LO NUEVO 10. TANTAS FLORES 11. PERICO Y JULIANA 12. LLUVIA (+ HIDDEN TRACK RITMO ACUATICO) CD2 (ONLY FOR DOUBLE DIGIPACK). REMIXES & NON ALBUM TRACKS 1. NUEVA VIDA REMIX 2. DONDE TE HAS METIDO 3. TODOS MEZCLADOS 4. RMX TANTAS FLORES 5. BUSCALO, QUE BUENO 6. CORREVEIDILE 7. BARAKA

"All the dynamism of their live shows channelled into a brilliant record" METRO

"Many like-minded souls have fused gypsy sounds to hip-hop, reggae and Indian percussion, but OdB still lead the way, here adding a layer of salsa to the mix." The Times Playlist