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Odadewethu: Kuyoxaban' Amadoda


12 April 2009
In their native South Africa, some of these two maskandi (a kind of Zulu blues) queens' (Irene Zindela and Thabani Ndlovu) previous albums, like Icansi and Iphalishi, have already reached platinum and gold status.
Odadewethu's new album, Kuyoxaban' Amadoda, featuring doyen maskandi man Shobeni Khuzwayo in the producer's chair, is another gem from that cements their position as one of the leading outfits of the genre.
"The album title poetically means that there cannot be two bulls in one kraal (animal pen) at any given time," says Irene Zindela, "we all know that when two bulls fight is the grass that suffers. When you look at the political situation in South Africa today you realise that they can't be two bulls in one kraal at any given time."
Their music tackles many social issues, and Zindela does not mince her words when she says: "We are the ears of our communities and we are the soldiers of the nation. Our music is a report back to the nation of what we have seen and witnessed is our country. They say cowards die many times before their actual death and we are prepared to die for our beliefs."


Odadewethu: Kuyoxaban' Amadoda

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