Miles Davis - Original Album Series

Miles Davis

17 September 2012

5 ORIGINAL ALBUMS: Tutu/ Siesta OST/ Amandla/ Dingo OST/ Doo-Bop

In 1985, Miles Davis shocked the music world by moving from Columbia to Warner Bros. He immediately started working on an album called Perfect Way after a tune by Scritti Politti, later renamed Tutu by producer Tommy LiPuma. When Tutu was released in 1986, it re-ignited Miles Davis' career, crossing over into the rock and pop markets and winning Davis two Grammy Awards - the album was a key factor in raising Davis' status to an international superstar.

This release covers the later part of Miles Davis' life, from the Warner Bros studio albums, Tutu, Amandla and Doo-Bop, to the Siesta and Dingo soundtracks.

"A glorious tribute. Blues & Soul

"Most Miles philes will already have those albums but, for those unfamiliar with his later music, they provide an illuminating introduction." Record Collector

"It's wonderful to have these final album all together, and fascinating to compare them."  London Jazz

"A godsend.  So do yourself a big favour and grab this set especially if you only have bits and pieces of Miles' last period.  It's just common sense."  Marlbank.

"There is real musical magic on these tracks."  Jazz Camera


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