Miles Davis - 1986-1991 The Warner Years

Miles Davis

17 October 2011

2011 finally sees the realease of this boxed set, first attempted in 2001, designed to include everything Miles Davis recorded for Warner during his time on the label, 1985-1991. This means the inclusion of all the official studio and live albums from this period, as well as a host of unreleased studio tracks, collaborations and live recordings.

"A salutory present for anyone wondering if one of the 20th century's greatest musical forces was declining before his 1991 death. This five-CD set shows that, even wracked by pain and illness, Miles remained a tireless explorer and collaborator. Rare and unreleased live and studio tracks include hook-ups with funk stars Cameo and post-punk soulsters Scritti Politti. Excellent 20-page booklet puts it all in context." The Daily Mirror


Miles Davis - Splatch

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