06 October 2003

The trumpeter from world-famous, chart-topping act St. Germain, Pascal Ohsé unveils his first solo project, Memento, featuring Ludovic Navarre aka St. Germain as musical director and producer.Under the pseudonym of Soel, a West African name that honours his Guinean roots, he unveils a part acoustic / part electronic work that breaks the boundaries of jazz, funk, soul, house and dub, while paying homage to the music that has influenced him throughout his life and early career: ‘60s and ‘70s jazz, soul, funk and blaxploitation soundtracks.  Created by contemporary musicians, who for the most part have been working together for years, Memento includes soulful vocal collaborations, like Clement Ashford’s beautiful rendition of  ‘Earth Mother’, a tribute to an American Indian poem with bongos, tabla and a dub background, or Victoria ‘Tori’ Robinson, an American gospel singer who lives between Paris and Florida, and depicts the madness of our time on ‘What’s Happening’ (To This World)’, one of the most likely dance-floor fillers of the album, the other one being unquestionably ‘Le Vicomte’ (The Viscount), a tribute to a record collector friend who helped Soel with his research work.  

Available on Double Vinyl.

The single 'Le Vicomte' is also available on 7" vinyl.