Méav: The Calling

26 August 2013

“Her presentation was coolly elegant, and her voice remarkably pure. She sang with a subtle, underlying passion” (LA Times)
“Adds delicious wriggles to her renditions of traditional tunes” (New York Times)

Multi-million selling world music artist Méav teams up with Grammy award-winning producer Craig Leon (Blondie, Talking Heads, Ramones, Pavarotti) to record folk-pop album The Calling.
One of the founding members of female supergroup Celtic Woman, Méav returns to her musical origins with The Calling, 12 tracks of newly written songs, folk ballads and fresh interpretations of timeless classics. Produced and co-written by the Grammy award-winning producer Craig Leon, responsible for iconic records by Blondie, Talking Heads, Ramones and Pavarotti amongst others, The Calling, a contemporary pop treatment of new songs and folk classics from Ireland, England, Scotland, Brittany, Galicia and America, showcases Méav’s crystal clear voice, elegantly fusing her Classical training with her folk roots.

"A great collection of traditional tunes with a contemporary edge” Yours Magazine

"Her pure voice makes for soothing listening."  The Lady

"The Calling sees Méav on the top of her game and is delivered with style and assurance.  From the opening track, Ewan McCall's 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' through her own collaboration with Craig Leon, the title track 'The Calling', there is class throughout."  The Irish Post

"Her velvety smooth voice is divine throughout, reminiscent of the late, great Eva Cassidy - a perfect relaxing treat"
Mark Kavanagh, Irish Star ****

“Tucked away at the end of Méav’s beguiling new album, The Calling, is her beautifully-poised version of the folk classic Black is the Colour. The song is clearly the most adventurous track on an album of complex and layered musical treatments, which occasionally echoes Clannad in the harmonies but is built on a personal, unique template Paddy Kehoe, RTE TEN. (Ireland's biggest media website)

“Is pop-folk Goddess Meav the best-kept secret in Irish music?” Image Magazine

“She’s embarked on the most exciting development on her stellar CV. She’s teamed up with Grammy award-winning producer Craig Leon for this new 12-track album…Meav’s approach to what one might term the Great Folk Songbook is to go straight for the romantic purity at the core of a song… Delightful.” Eamon Carr, The Herald

“Everything centres on the Dubliner’s vocals – and that ethereal, evocative voice that was initially fostered in her membership of Anuna has been put to good use here on newly written songs and venerable ballads…”
John Meagher, Irish Independent

“Meav’s crystal clear vocals are simply sublime …From a haunting rendition of Ewan McColl’s The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face to the traditional Black Is The Colour, the album is pure bliss from start to finish”
.  Caroline Kay, Burton Mail News

“The soothing and spiritual atmosphere of the album is a perfect getaway. The twelve tracks take you on a journey which very few artists can do these days. Those high notes can get into your skin…”   Baxter Labatos, celticmusicfan.com

“I just happened to see this music video come across my Facebook feed and really liked what I saw. And I’ve got a strong hunch that you will, too.”  Will Goodman CBS news weekend music roundup

"Méav’s album The Calling takes you on a spiritual journey, a soothing aura radiates throughout the album, enlightening my mood on this cloudy Wednesday afternoon. Unlike the full-blown harmonies of Celtic Woman, Méav reveals her softer side in a more intimate record with lots of intricate details and rich arrangements.
The album opener is a flawless rendition of The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face which was originally sung by Roberta Flack. Méav added great sentiment to this already beautiful track; the high notes prickle the skin, especially when she reaches an ear-piercing note around 2.25 in the song.  The third track on the album is a light-hearted execution of Pentangle’s Light Flight. With dreamy harmonies and perfect vocals, this is one of the highlights of the album. Meav then takes on Sandy Denny’s Listen, Listen, which could actually be better than the original.
" Emma Barlow,FemaleFirst.co.uk



Méav - The Calling