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Los Amigos featuring Cachaíto López

14 May 2007

Founded in 1958 by drummer Guillermo Barreto, Los Amigos (Barreto, Frank Emilio, Gustavo Tamayo, Tata Guines and Papito Hernandez - later replaced by Cachaito Lopez) were active for twenty years, and their line-up over time included the likes of Garcia (bongo), Helio Valdes (violin) and Jesus OFarril (flute), amongst others.  Recorded in Havana 1964, 1975 (*), 1960* (songs 1 to 9), 1975* (songs 10 to 14).

Musicians Frank Emilio Flynn, piano, Tata Guines, tumbadora. Guillermo Barreto, drums, Papito Hernandez, bass, Gustavo Tamayo guiro, Frank Emilio Flynn, piano, Orlando Lopez, bass, Guillermo Valdes, tumbadora, bongo, Gustavo Tamayo guiro, Carlos Emilio, electric guitar.