Live Is A Miracle In Buenos Aires

26 September 2005

Led by award-winning film director and musician Emir Kusturica, the No Smoking Orchestra, born in Sarajevo in 1980, a genuine punk Gypsy-Balkan brass band, is a festive affair, as well as one of the major exponents of 'New Primitism' (a cultural resistance movement created in the transition years of post-Tito Yugoslavia).

In 1997, Emir Kusturica led the No Smoking Orchestra for the soundtrack to his acclaimed award-winning film Black Cat White Cat, while in 2004 The No Smoking Orchestra composed the soundtrack to Emir's latest film Life Is A Miracle, which won the Golden Globe award for Best European Picture.

The success of the film kicked off a world tour out of 200 shows throughout France, Italy, Spain, Israel, Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Turkey...  Recorded live in Buenos Aires during the tour, the album is an explosive blend of Turkish marches, Gypsy brass, South American sounds, musette and traditional Gypsy Music, deliriously festive - performing songs like 'Pitbull Terrier' and 'Was Romeo Really A Jerk?'.