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L’ame du chant orthodoxe


21 February 2011
1 Kondakion de la Nativité du Christ / Kontakion, Byzantine chant (words by St.Romanos the Melodist, 6th c.)
2 Stichère / Sticheron, mode V. arr. D.Ljubojevic
3 Dieu est avec nous / God is With Us, mode VI, arr. D.Ljubojevic
4 O,Yulelog, O,Yulelog! traditional Christmas song – arr. D. Ljubojevic
5 Prokimenon / Prokimenon (Ps.76: 13,14), mode VII, arr. D. Ljubojevic
6 Exapostilaire / Photagogikon, mode I, arr. D.Ljubojevic
7 Polyéléos (Ps.134;135), Byzantine chant
8 Kondakion / Kontakion, mode III,S.Pascan, D.Mladjenovic, D.Ljubojevic
9 Prokimenon pour l'épître / Prokimenon for the Epistle (Ps 65: 4 ), mode VIII, D.Ljubojevic
10 Isodikon / At the Little Entrance (Ps. 109: 3, 4), mode IV, D.Ljubojevic
11 Tropaire / Troparion, mode IV, Stevan St. Mokranjac
12 Kondakion / Kontakion, Valaam chant
13 Chant de communion / Communion Hymn ( Ps.110: 9), mode I, Isidor Bajic
14 Hymne / . Sessional Hymn (After the First Kathisma), Byzantine chant, arr. D.Ljubojevic
15 Toutes les nations, battez des mains ! / All ye nations clap your hands!, traditional, D.Ljubojevic
Divna Ljubojevic graduated from the Novi Sad Academy of Arts in the General Musical Pedagogy Department. She had studied chant at the monastery of Vavedenje in Belgrade since she was 10 year old. She has been a professional conductor for 22 years now, and was quickly labelled “the youngest conductor of Belgrade’s oldest singing society”.
She founded in 1991 with some friends the Chorus and studio for spiritual music „МЕЛÓДИ“ (Melody). She is still the conductor and a soloist of this ensemble. Divna and The Melody Choir have performed more than 500 shows.
Since 2001, Studio „МЕЛÓДИ“ (Melodi) and Divna have represented Serbia and the Orthodox musical heritage throughout the world (France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Africa) in renowned festivals and independent concerts. Divna is also a regular guest speakers at musical seminars throughout Europe.