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Jorge Drexler - Amar La Trama

Jorge Drexler

12 April 2010
Since 2005, when Uruguayan singer songwriter Jorge Drexler achieved international acclaim by winning an Oscar for the song 'Al Otro Lado Del Rio' (the first song in Spanish to win the award) from the film The Motorcycle Diaries, his songs and recordings have won him several Grammy nominations, and multiple awards in Spain, where he is now based.
Countless artists as diverse as Mercedes Sosa, Shakira, Omara Portuondo, Ana Belén, Neneh Cherry, and María Rita have recorded his songs.
Amar La Trama (Loving the story); means in other words that the important thing is not the final destination, but rather what happens as the story unfolds (be it real or imaginary). Showcasing his passion for storytelling, and as well as his melody-making craftsmanship, the songs are wrapped in delicate guitar arrangements, a glowing wind section and lilting percussion. As a finishing touch, three stellar collaborations: the voice and organ of Ben Sidran on a version of the standard 'I Don't Worry About a Thing', the Spanish guitar of Josemi Carmona on 'Las Transeúntes', and a beautiful and heart-wrenching duet with Leonor Watling on 'Toque de queda'.
1. Tres mil millones de latidos
2. La trama y el desenlace
3. Las transeuntes
4. La nieve en la bola de nieve
5. Mundo abisal
6. Toque de
7. Una cancion me trajo hasta aqui
8. Aquiles por su talon es
9. I don't worry about a thing
10. Noctiluca
11. Todos a sus puestos
12. Telon