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John Coltrane - Original Album Series

John Coltrane

13 June 2011

5 ORIGINAL ALBUMS FROM THE ATLANTIC VAULTS AT A GREAT PRICE! 1. Giant Steps 2. Coltrane Jazz 3. My Favorite Things 4. Coltrane Plays the Blues 5. Coltrane’s Sound While Coltrane first gained attention for his revolutionary ‘sheets of sound’ technique, it was the deep spirituality of his music that really made his solo records such classics. His Atlantic recordings from 1959 and 1960 really represent the heart of the Coltrane legacy, with gems like ‘My Favorite Things’, ‘Central Park West’ and ‘Mr P.C.’, and performances by great musicians like vibraphonist Milt Jackson, pianist McCoy Tyner, and drummer Elvin Jones.

Top ten albums of the year, 2011 - Jazzwise Magazine

"A brilliant encapsulation of what was best about Trane's Atlantic stint." Jazzwise Magazine