John Coltrane - Jazz (180 Gram vinyl)

John Coltrane

21 June 2010

While Coltrane first gained attention for his revolutionary ‘sheets of sound’ technique, it was the deep spirituality of his music that really made his solo records such classics. The albums this giant of music recorded for Atlantic in 1959 and 1960 really represent the heart of his legacy. The first Coltrane album to hit the shelves after Giant Steps, Coltrane Jazz was largely recorded in late 1959, although one of the eight songs (‘Village Blues) was cut in late 1960. TRACKLISTING: SIDE A: 1. Little Old Lady 2. Village Blues 3. My Shining Hour 4. Fifth House SIDE B: 1. Harmonique 2. Like Sonny 3. I’ll Wait And Pray 4. Some Other Blues