Janus Plays Telephone

21 January 2008

Formed in 1998, The Landau Orchestra was originally a team of four songwriters / producers geared towards writing melodic electronic music.  Their earliest influences included the 1990s Warp Scene, trip hop, drum & bass and western art music.  The group’s underlying goal and aesthetic has always been the seamless blend of acoustic and electronic sound.  Their sound has been compared to Plaid, Autechre, The Cinematic Orchestra, and Matmos, amongst others.

The Landau Orchestra is a project that focuses towards a perfect blend of acoustic instruments (4 brass, 4 string, 2 winds), piano and electronics.  After a series of offerings on labels in England, Canada, and the US, the band released their international debut on Merck Records, entitled The Epic Compromise.  Since its release in 2004, the record has gained much attention and praise.

Blending traditional and new experimental jazz composition with electronic production, The Landau Orchestra is creating something new, inventive and stimulating.  Instrumentation includes piano, celeste, Fender Rhodes, glockenspiel, accordion, percussion, trombone, and tenor saxophone -- plus some strings.