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Habibi, Algérie de ma jeunesse

08 July 2013

Salim Halali, Blond Blond, Line Monty, Youssef Hagège, Maurice el Medioni, Lili Labassi…

These stars of the Music Hall thrilled the audiences of Algeria’s largest venues, like Algiers’ Casino de la Corniche and Oran’s Théâtre de Verdure during the 50’s.

This unique taste of the Algerian “Music Hall” evokes a bygone time of cultural mix, with rumba, cha-cha-cha and French chanson blended with Arabic North African traditional music.

"What a charming CD this is, evoking an alluring world of white linen jackets, pencil moustaches, fez hats and nightclubs where the most interesting things went on behind the beaded curtains."  Songlines ****