Habibi: Algérie de ma jeunesse


09 July 2012
1 CD

"The pieds-noirs - the poor white European agricultural labourers from France, Spain, Sicily, Malta and Corsica who settled in Algeria - produced a melting-pot of migrant culture in urban Algeria, despite the straitjacket of colonialism. This was reflected in the popular music styles of the country. Algeria's own music ranged from the lyrical street poetry of kasbah chaabi songs to the classical purity of the nuba, a 24-hour song-cycle from the Arab-Andalusian tradition of the ninth century. But the pieds-noirs brought in music from Europe, too - French variété, Spanish flamenco, rumba and bolero. Towards the end of rthe second world war, American GIs stationed in the Maghred added the mambo and cha-cha-cha, jazz and boogie-woogie. This rich mix, known as Algerian music hall, was the place where Besame Mucho might explode into Maghrebi."   -   Sarah Adams, The Guardian

Salim Halali, Blond Blond, Line Monty, Youssef Hagége, Maurice el Mediono, Lili Labassi...

These stars of the Music Hall thrilled the audiences of Algeria's largest venues, like Algiers' Casino de la Corniche and Oran's Théâtre de Verdure during the 50's.

This unique taste of the Algerian "Music Hall" evokes a bygone time of cultural mix, with rumba, cha-cha-cha and French chanson blended with Arabic North African traditional music.


Mustafa - Cha Cha Oriental

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