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Gilberto Gil - Banda Larga Cordel

Gilberto Gil

06 October 2008
Gilberto Gil, one of the greatest names of all times in Brazilian music, is also a versatile musician, who easily plays other music genres such as pop, rock, reggae and much more.
With a career over four decades long, he is one of the most relevant best known performers in his fields. Every year he tours Europe, North America, Latin America and Japan with his contagious pop music spoken in Portuguese-Brazilian and international language. A music with a strong rhythmic appeal and melodic richness, as mixed as its people.
This year, Gilberto Gil is releasing Banda Larga Cordel, featuring brand new compositions, and reaffirming his irreversible passion for new technology – a theme that has fascinated him for more than 30 years – where he makes his work widely available for webcasts, podcasts, cellcasts, etc. Audiences have warm invitation to photograph and film. Backstage scenes from the tour are posted on the internet in diverse platforms.
With 50 albums released, Gilberto Gil has 12 gold records, 5 platinum albums, 7 Grammy awards, and more than 4 million records sold.


Gilberto Gil - Banda Larga Cordel

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