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Gilberto Gil - BandaDois

Gilberto Gil

15 March 2010

A giant of Brazilian music, with a career over four decades long, Gilberto Gil is a versatile musician, whose sound has a strong rhythmic appeal and melodic richness. BandaDois, Gilberto Gil's new live album (also released on DVD), features his sons, Bem (who plays guitar with him and Brazilian percussion instruments as well), Jose (who participates as bass player), and recalls his daughter Maria (in "Das duas, uma" - Of The Two, One - written for her wedding, while paying tribute to the great songwriters of Brazil, such as Luiz Gonzaga, Jackson do Pandeiro, Dorival Caymmi - from the last two, he sings "Chiclete com Banana" (Bubble Gum with Banana) and "Saudade da Bahia"(Longing for Bahia) The album also includes an appearance by another of his musical "daughters", Maria Rita, singing his song "Amor Até o Fim" (Love until the End), also recorded by her mother, Elis Regina. TRACKLISTING 1. Esotérico 2. A Linha e o Linho 3. Superhomem - A Canção 4. Saudade da Bahia 5. Chiclete com Banana 6. Das Duas, Uma 7. Quatro Coisas 8. Amor Até o Fim 9. Lamento Sertanejo (Forró do Dominguinho) 10. Rouxinol 11. Refazenda 12. Banda Um 13. La Renaissance Africaine 14. Refavela 15. Babá Alapalá 16. Expresso 2222

"This is Brazil's erstwhile minister of culture at his most charismatic, in front of an audience in Sao Paulo, crooning a mixture of originals and covers with the lightest of accompaniment from his son, Bem, on guitar and percussion, and Jose, on bass." The Sunday Times