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Françoise Hardy: Message Personnel (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

25 November 2013

1973: Iconic French figure in music, fashion and style FRANCOISE HARDY is going through changes. A brand new life awaits her as she is expecting a child. She changes label and joins WEA. She is looking for new blood for this new record, and new songwriters. One name quickly comes to mind : Michel Berger. Françoise Hardy & Michel Berger’s collaboration results in a cult album, an instant classic in French music history : MESSAGE PERSONNEL. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, this album is now released in a 2CD Deluxe Edition


- The original album on CD, remastered for the very first time (10 tracks)
- A second CD (19 tracks) including : the 45 rpm 12’’ vinyl mix of « Je Suis Moi », foreign versions of tracks of the album (English and German version of cult tracks), instrumental versions, radio/TV performances, adding up to 16 exclusive tracks!!
- A twenty-page booklet, with exclusive artwork, a Françoise Hardy interview and rare photos and lyrics.

Please find a link to the cult “Message personnel” song.

"Superb repackaging of one of the French singers' finest.  Unlike many of her French pop contemporaries, Francoise Hardy escaped the 1960s on an artistic inclinde, her final albums for Sonopresse, the brilliant La Question and the Americana-influenced Et Si Je M'En Vais Avant Toi, securing her a contract with WEA in 1973.  Handing over production and - initially at least - much of the writing to Michel Berger proved both a masterstroke and the cause of tension-packed sessions in which the collaboration was often at loggerheads.  As a result, the singer sounds more vulnerable than usual - perhaps that explains why Message Personnel was both so successful, and - at 28 minutes - so short.  The bonuses in this deluxe version are a cut above too, instrumentals, TV performances, foreign-language alternative takes, the brilliant French 45 'Je Suis Moi' and a German single with the wonderful B-side 'Kind Unsrer Zeilt' (Child Of Our Time)."  Mojo *****