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François Truffaut - Jules And Jim (Original Soundtrack)

12 August 2013

Released in 1962, Jules and Jim is probably François Truffaut’s best known film. Composed by George Delerue, its soundtrack features the song ‘Le Tourbillon’ written by Cyrus Bassiak and sung by Jeanne Moreau.

“The album also features the original soundtracks of François Truffaut’s films “Shoot The Piano Player” (composed by Georges Delerue – with the song “Framboise” written and performed by Bobby Lapointe) and “The 400 Blows” composed by Jean Constantin.
Several songs played in the soundtracks of these films and never included in the matching albums are featured here: “Marcelle” by Bobby Lapointe, “Le Dialogue des Amoureux” by Félix Leclerc, and “Comment Voulez-vous ?” by Juliette Gréco.