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Fables Of Lost Time


12 May 2003

2003 sees the long-awaited release of FABLES OF LOST TIME, the album from LARGO, the brainchild of the seminal jazz composer Gast Waltzing.  In the course of his prestigious career he has released tens of albums ranging from classical to jazz to dance and has composed the score for over 100 TV movies and cinema releases.

Smooth but never saccharine, innovative but never dry or calculating, the album is fresh and dynamic.  Featuring an eclectic choice of tracks, from the exuberant renditions of the Doors ‘Riders On The Storm’, to the elegant ‘Fables of Lost Time’ an homage to jazz greats, through to the laid-back, electro-tinged Budisho, this a contemporary jazz album from a musician who is as passionate about the present as he is the past.

Available on LP with the following tracklisting:

SIDE A:1. Riders On The Storm (94 bpm) 2. Little Sunflower 3. Three Steps To Miles 4. Turn Around

SIDE B:1. Riders On The Storm (136 bpm) 2. Silence 3. Budisho 4. Fables Of Lost Time