En Mi Piel


22 September 2011

Hailed by the Spanish and European press as a Flamenco star, Buika is blessed with a remarkable voice. Her albums have topped the world music charts of recent years, and last year's 'El Ultimo Trago', a collaboration with Chucho Valdes, won her a Latin Grammy music award. We proudly present a new CD Best of, available in 1 and 2 CD versions, featuring all her hits, plus the two songs from the Pedro Almodovar film La Piel Que Habito, and two previously unreleased tracks.

"From a low pleading purr to a full-throated cry, Buika's voice wraps itself around her material, urging her musicians on to greater things." the arts desk

"A tantalising snapshot of her career so far." The Sunday Times



Buika - 'En Mi Piel'


En Mi Piel; New Afro Spanish Generation - Buika

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