Elis Regina - Essa Mulher

Elis Regina

14 May 2012
1 CD

The influence of Brazilian music on the rest of the world cannot be understated. From the first bossa nova craze of the early ‘60s, its reach has gone as far as vocalists like Frank Sinatra on the one hand, and the American, French and Italian movie soundtrack composers on the other. 

Brazil’s rhythms, instruments and musicians themselves have, over the last five decades, significantly influenced jazz, soul and pop music everywhere. 

For much of her short life, Elis Regina was her country’s best-loved vocalist. Well-known for her spectacular performances, fiery nature, and her outlandish outfits, she was also one of the most talented singers of her time. Her career was in full swing when she died of an accidental overdose of cocaine and alcohol three years later, at the age of 36.

On this beautifully produced and conceived collection of songs (by Joao Bosco, Danilo Caymmi, Baden Powell and Joyce) Regina truly outdid herself.