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Corriente Vital

Ojos de Brujo

04 April 2011
The new album by the BBC World music Awards winning group!
OJOS DE BRUJO celebrates their tenth anniversary with a special recording that will be released in Spain this autumn. A celebration in which more than twenty artists collaborate on the group's songs.
"CORRIENTE VITAL" contains songs transformed by a dozen producers such as Nitin Sahwney, and old friend of the band, the Black Eyed Peas guitarist, Jorge Pajon Jr., Juno Rector who participated in the OST "Matrix" (Tego Calderon, Don Omar and Daddy Yankee's producer), Bob Benozzo (Chambao's producer) etc.
In this recording, artists such as Asian Dub Foundation, Roldan from Orishas, Chicuelo, Jorge Drexler, Estopa, Manolo Garcia, Miguel Campello (elbicho), Naywa Nimri, Bebe, Amaral and many others collaborate with OJOS DE BRUJO. "CORRIENTE VITAL" is a record with seven new compositions, recorded with a spirit of celebration.
1. Corriente Vital feat. & prod. Nitin Sawhney 3:50
2. Todos Mortales feat. Roldán (Orishas) - prod. Bob Benozzo 3:22
3. Nueva Vida feat. Bebe - prod. Bob Benozzo 3:49
4. Ley de Gravedad feat. Jorge Drexler - prod. Bob Benozzo 4:01
5. Corre Lola Corre feat. Amaral - prod. Amaral 3:52
6. Lluvía feat. Najwa - prod. Raúl Santos 3:37
7. Baraka feat. Manolo García - prod. Palyrria 4:06
8. Sultanas de Merkaillo feat. Miguel Campello (elbicho) - prod. M. Campello & G. Quero 4:05
9. Get Up, Stand Up by Ojos de Brujo 3:45
10. Na en la Nevera feat. Estopa - prod. Carlos Sarduy & Toti Arimany 4:06
11. Ventilaor R-80 feat. La Troba Kung-Fú - prod. Echo 3:35
12. La Machine prod. Juno Reactor 3:55
13. Nana feat. Vinicio Capossela - prod. Raúl Santos 3:16


Corriente Vital

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