Around the World with Jools Holland
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Around the World with Jools Holland

15 September 2008
This three-hour DVD presentation of the complete BBC TV series, Beat Route, takes top music television presenter, Jools Holland (The Tube, Later with Jools Holland) and places him in six major cities around the world to delve ‘under the skin’ of each location. The result is a stunning mix of music, travel and culture, with each city revealed through Jools’ inimitable wit and personality. Jools meets many celebrated musicians, listens to their music and jams with the best of them.
From the urban blues of Chicago, the flamenco of Seville and the folklore of Budapest, to the riverside bars of Dublin, 1950s Cadillacs in Havana and girl bands in Beirut, Beat Route paints a vivid and engrossing picture of urban identity. Whether it’s a brief encounter with a dating agency run out of the back of a Chicago cab, or a musical collaboration in an old square in Havana, Beat Route pays homage to some of the world’s most fascinating and diverse locations.