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Amalia à Paris

22 April 2013

Amália Rodrigues, also known as the ‘queen of fado’, represented the soul and genius of Portugal through her artistic expression, fado. She also popularised this music worldwide.
Like Edith Piaf’s love songs, Billie Holiday’s blues or Maria Callas’ opera, she reached the quintessence of a musical genre with a tremendous interpretation.
This collection brings together two live shows recorded in Paris at the peak of her career:
The show at Olympia was recorded in 1957. Her first live album, and one of her most successful ones too, it was released in many countries: France, UK, Italy, Japan, Brasil USA, Netherlands, Portugal and more. The set list, performed in Portuguese, includes fado standards like ‘Casa Portuguesa’ and ‘Coimbra’, as well as songs like Valerio.
Three years later in 1960 she graced the stage of the Bobino, and performed a sold out show to a boisterous crowd.

Domingo Camarinha: Portuguese guitar
Santos Moreira: acoustic guitar

"A powerful, classic recording."  The Guardian