A Night In Abyssinia

Arat Kilo

06 June 2011

Featuring Mulatu Astatké, Socalled and Rokia Traorén A great new album in the Ethiopian jazz and groove tradition, featuring collaborations with none other than Mulatu Astatké, Socalled and Rokia Traoré. Ethiopian jazz is a major branch of African music that comes from the bars of Addis Ababa and draws its influence from jazz and traditional Ethiopian music, azmari, Latin sounds and Anglo-American funk. Choosing to adapt this music in a contemporary and more urban style, Arat Kilo (5 young Parisian musicians) draws inspiration from rock music and the hypnotic sounds of dub. Their show alternates compositions and standard Ethiopian arrangements (a beautiful meeting was held at RFI’s studio with Mulatu Astatké, the father of Ethiopian jazz).