Sir Andrew Davis's <i>Falstaff</i> 'leaves not a dry eye in the house'

Sir Andrew Davis's Falstaff "leaves not a dry eye in the house"

says Gramophone's November edition. "...his digital remake for Teldec Classics. Not only are production values from the Keener/Faulkner team irreproachable (the balance is stunningly truthful and textures ideally ventilated), the BBC SO respond to the manner born for Davis, who directs with notable grip and comprehensive emotional scope. There's no agenda here, just an engaging, watchful and unforced approach that does justice to Elgar's vision. If the strings' piercingly poignant stab beneath the clarinet's sublimely expressive farewell at fig 146 (tr.29, 2'20") doesn't bring tear to the eye, then there's no hope for you!" Andrew Aschenbach Falstaff on APEX

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