<em>Das Lied von der Erde</em> in new Maestro series welcomed by <em>Gramophone</em> reader

Das Lied von der Erde in new Maestro series welcomed by Gramophone reader

"A revelation" From a reader letter in the May edition of Gramophone: "I have at last obtained a copy of the piano version of Das Lied von der Erde (Fassbaender, Moser, Katsaris on Teldec) having tried unsuccessfully to obtain one since its release in 1990. "What a revelation it is. It proves convincingly that Das Lied is a song cycle not a symphony. The piano captures every nuance and colour in the score and, without leaving the singers exposed, allows them the space to concentrate on the words without having to do battle with the orchestra. Having heard it playhed this way, it seems reasonable to suggest that this was probably what Mahler "originally" had in mind." Click here for further details of this new reissue.

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