Clint Mansell 'Last Night' - PopMatters Review

Clint Mansell 'Last Night' - PopMatters Review

“With soundtracks like The Fountain and Black Swan under his belt, Clint Mansell doesn’t have to worry much about proving himself - he’s composed what are very likely some of the best film scores ever recorded.

Here the music is piano-based, which creates a very intimate, very moody feel. With its melancholy arpeggios, album opener “First Movement” brings to mind Philip Glass’ Metamorphosis. That somber air drapes itself over the entirety of the album, save for the sunny “Streets of New York”, which sounds like a somewhat chilled out Mogwai.

Don’t let the album’s relatively short length fool you: this is incredible, powerful music that runs through a whole range of emotions over the course of its runtime. Mansell wastes no time in this score’s seven track length, making a powerfully emotive case for his status as the best film composer alive.”

 By Brice Ezell (read the full review at PopMatters)

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