<b>Gustav Leonhardt Edition</b>

Gustav Leonhardt Edition

"This treasure trove of CDs goes some way in charting the recording career of the already legendary Gustav Leonhardt who in 2008 celebrates his 80th year. Recorded betweeen 1962 and 1971 these discs re-enforce the breadth and quality of his musicianship." Early Music Today October 2008 "... the nature of the musician who has inspired this celebration is such that everything here is worth listening to, and something can be learned from every track. It gives a glimpse of a period when 'early music' really was seen as a separate world inhabited by curious people who actually wanted to play and understand old instruments, and how they influenced the performance of the music written for them. A striking feature of much of this set is the freshness which comes from performers discovering music which had not been performed by anyone else in recent times - something today which is much harder to achieve. ... Leonhardt is an example of what a keen intellect and fine musicianship can achieve, but above all it is his insatiable curiosity, his desire to explore where others have not yet been, which marks the man as truly extraordinary." Early Music November 2008 For full details please click here

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