<b>Grammy Award-Winning Serebrier returns with new Glazunov recordings on Warner Classics & Jazz</b>

Grammy Award-Winning Serebrier returns with new Glazunov recordings on Warner Classics & Jazz

"Serebrier's intensity and precision draws attention to detail previously unsuspected of this neglected composer" The Observer “The 6th Symphony sounds warm and approachable with Serebrier drawing beautifully molded playing from the Scottish orchestra” Gramophone "Serebrier's incisive approach has the orchestra responding at every point with live-wire class" BBC Music Magazine "The performance of the Sixth Symphony is simply magnificent" International Record Review "A series made in Heaven" Fanfare Warner Classics & Jazz are proud to announce the 5th and final release in its celebrated Glazunov symphonic cycle series. Grammy Award-winning conductor and composer José Serebrier once again guides the Royal Scottish National Orchestra through a spectacular Glazunov cycle, that some will argue is his best Glazunov recording to date! Today, Glazunov’s work is on the periphery of the repertoire, but José Serebrier embraces the challenge of bringing it into the mainstream. Available from all good record stores from 7th September, this eagerly awaited final instalment will complete this fantastic Glazunov Symphony collection from José Serebrier and the RSNO. “Glazunov is a composer close to my heart,” comments Serebrier. “When my father left Russia in the late 1920's, Glazunov was at the height of his creativity. Glazunov stands as a link between Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich, the turn of the century period before Stravinsky broke new grounds. Glazunov was one of the greatest scholars in Russian music, and it shows in every bar of his music”. “His music has been neglected partially because some performers have played it rather "literally", without reading what's behind the notes. If played metronomically and without emotion, the music can sound uninteresting. It requires passion and subtlety”. Serebrier adds, “It's wonderful that Warner Classics and Jazz and the great Royal Scottish National Orchestra have had the vision to pursue this series, and bring this great music to a wider audience.” Alexander Glazunov (1865-1936) was a child prodigy of sixteen when his first symphony was performed. José Serebrier was the same age when Leopold Stokowski premiered his first symphony as a last-minute replacement for the Ives Fourth Symphony, still considered unplayable at the time. One of today’s most-recorded classical artists, José Serebrier’s recordings have received 37 Grammy nominations and numerous other international awards over the years that he has graced the Classical world with his much sought-after presence. Warner Classics & Jazz hope to continue working alongside the revered composer / conductor for many years to come.

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