<b>Charlie Gillett --- Sound Of The World</b> 'Anywhere on this Road'

Charlie Gillett --- Sound Of The World "Anywhere on this Road"

We were extremely saddened by the news of the death of Charlie Gillett on 17 March 2010. We are working on the next Sound Of The World "Anywhere on this Road", the annual compilation of world music selected by Charlie Gillett and released by Warner Classics and Jazz for the fifth year in a row. Release is due in mid-July. The series has provided a unique cross-section of the some of the best music from around the world, and regularly received glowing reviews in major newspapers and music publications. With the passing of Charlie Gillett World Music has lost its most knowledgeable supporter, promoter, critic and facilitator. His enthusiasm and great musical taste was second to none and it was a joy to work with him and know him. Our deepest sympathy goes to his family.

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