Hermione Hennessy

One of the most talented singer-songwriters of her generation is set to release an album celebrating the life and work of her revered father, the late, great Christie Hennessy. An Irish superstar, Christie has provided us with a living legacy in the form of his beautiful daughter Hermione. This evocative collection of heart-warming songs both old and new, illustrates the unique relationship of a father and daughter from childhood to his tragic early passing.

Hermione Hennessy is a music industry insider, having shaped the careers of countless artists including her much-loved dad Christie. Propelled to stardom in Ireland after appearing on the ‘Late Late Show’ as a tribute to her father’s fans, Hermione was soon persuaded to record an album that chartered her own musical journey and the impact her father’s career has had on her own inimitable style.

Music is definitely in her blood, and was around her constantly from an early age. Hermione recalls spending her childhood singing duets with her father and listening to mad tales of folk club gigs. Later she became Christie’s manager after becoming frustrated with his lack of recognition, helping him to achieve phenomenal success in Ireland, including a string of multi-platinum albums. Little did she know that some 20 years later, the success that he too craved for his talented daughter was to become a reality!

Hermione’s singing career is something of a revelation, what with her album topping the Irish charts for 5 weeks, coupled with invitations to tour with Willie Nelson and Leona Lewis and a new recording contract from Warner Music, you could be right thinking this was all a dream!

The album is more than just a tribute to her father and musical hero, it is the celebration of one artist’s work and another’s just begun. Hermione Hennessy, with a voice of clarity and shimmering beauty, takes us on a road that encapsulates memories of childhood and the highs and lows of life’s great journey.

Songs My Father Taught Me is a cornucopia of covers and self-penned songs, including Aimee Mann’s ‘Wise Up’, Crowded House’s ‘Fall At Your Feet’, Christie’s ‘Oh Jealous Heart’ Hermione’s own ‘Hello Again’ and ‘The Edge Of The Moon’ and a duet from them both of ‘Soho Square’, which her brother Tim co-wrote.

This collection of songs pays tribute to a remarkable man and entertainer who was cruelly snatched away from his family and fans in his prime, but it is also a celebration of a newly discovered artist, whose star is rising and rapidly gaining the recognition her father thought she was so worthy of.