Davy Sicard

Far away from fads and marketing noise, the kaleidoscope of world music regularly focuses on an iconic artist from an unrecognised region. This time, the Reunion Island is under the spotlight with one of its most eloquent musicians, Davy Sicard, adept of a spellbinding modern "maloya", where the different components of a multiple-origin people are reflected: India and Madagascar of course, but also Africa and Europe.
Davy Sicard's voice is the first element to surprise. Extremely pure, strengthened by vocal harmonies and ethereal choruses, it flirts with the art of singing through a cappella which is the prerogative of the most intensive world music, the ones with a soul stirred up by the same ancestral and multi-secular sources that gave birth to gospel and soul music. A few traditional instruments, essentially percussion, like the "rouleur" which is a big drum and the "kayanm" which is close to maracas, are melting with the more familiar guitar and bass tones.
In France, where he is now based, audiences have known about him for some time, thanks to a first self-produced record and to resounding support slots for the concerts of Souad Massi, Cesaria Evora, Tété, James Brown, etc.