Ananda Shankar

Inspired by a visit to San Francisco in 1968, where he met and recorded with Jimi Hendrix., Ananda Shankar started breaking conventions, adding moog synthesizer, guitar and bass to the more traditional sitar and tabla favoured by the famous Shankars.
The legendary Ravi Shankar’s nephew, Ananda Shankar is responsible for a wonderful selection of material from the ‘60s and ‘70s - mixing up jazz, psychedelic rock, wah-wah funk, Hindi film music and freaky analogue synths - all sounding like an advanced piece of sample-laden studio electronica.
Although recorded almost 30 years ago, this rare, pioneering album, with the very hip ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’, the wonderfully kitsch ‘Light My Fire’, and the elegant ‘Snow Flower’, sounds suspiciously contemporary, and his fusion of Western and Indian music appears just as relevant today as back in 1970.